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    How it Really Happened S1

    Starts 25th Jul, Sun to Thu at 12am UAE

    What really happened? A common question on most notorious crimes and celebrity tragedies. Watch as Hill Harper delves into the past to piece together how these tragedies took place.

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    Numbers S4

    Sun to Thu at 10pm UAE

    A mathematics professor Charlie Eppes helps his brother Special Agent Don at the FBI to solve crimes. Using his mathematical genius, Charlie provides vital clues to help solve cases.

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    The Romeo Section S2

    Sun to Thu at 11pm UAE

    Follow the lives of Wolfgang McGee and his roster of Romeo & Juliet espionage assets. Engaged in intimate relations with intelligence targets, these assets infiltrate Vancouver city’s heroin trade.


Thursday June 14 , 2018 UAE Timing
Happily Never After: Episode 3 12:00am
The Bridge: Episode 9 1:00am
Happily Never After: Episode 3 2:00am
NCIS: Canary 3:00am
Copper: Episode 10 4:00am
The Bridge: Episode 9 5:00am
CSI: Miami: Episode 13 6:00am
Happily Never After: Episode 3 7:00am
NCIS: Canary 8:00am
Copper: Episode 10 9:00am
CSI: Miami: Episode 13 10:00am
Happily Never After: Episode 3 11:00am
NCIS: Canary 12:00pm
Copper: Episode 10 1:00pm
CSI: Miami: Episode 13 2:00pm
The Bridge: Episode 9 3:00pm
Copper: Episode 10 4:00pm
Happily Never After: Episode 3 5:00pm
CSI: Miami: Episode 13 6:00pm
Copper: Episode 10 7:00pm
NCIS: Detour 8:00pm
Copper: Episode 11 9:00pm
CSI: Miami: Episode 14 10:00pm
The Bridge: Episode 10 11:00pm