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    Starts 26th Nov, Sun to Thu at 8pm UAE

    A Florida team of forensics investigators use cutting-edge scientific methods to solve crime amid the steamy tropical surroundings and cultural crossroads of Miami.

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    Pretty Bad Girls S1

    Sun to Thu at 9pm UAE

    A true-crime series that reveals about what happens when beautiful, fabulous women have things other than killer clothes in their closets. They have skeletons, too. These sensual criminals know exactly what they want, and are willing to do anything to get it at any cost.


Sunday November 19 , 2017 UAE Timing
The Romeo Section: Assassins 12:00am
The Romeo Section: Assassins 1:00am
The Romeo Section: Assassins 2:00am
The Romeo Section: Assassins 3:00am
The Romeo Section: Assassins 4:00am
The Bridge: Episode 9 5:00am
The Bridge: Episode 10 6:00am
The Bridge: Episode 11 7:00am
The Bridge: Episode 12 8:00am
The Bridge: Episode 13 9:00am
The Power of Few: Episode 10:00am
Copper: Episode 4 12:00pm
The Bridge: Episode 9 1:00pm
The Romeo Section: Assassins 2:00pm
Liars All: Episode 3:00pm
Happily Never After: Episode 7 5:00pm
The Bridge: Episode 12 6:00pm
The Bridge: Episode 13 7:00pm
Copper: Episode 9 8:00pm
The Romeo Section: Assassins 9:00pm
Cape Town: Episode 1 10:00pm
Happily Never After: Episode 8 11:00pm